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A. Complete List Capture of Classical Guitar Standard Solo Guitar

・"Amelia's Testament" (Robet) ・"Thief's Song" (Llobet) ・"Cathedral" (A. Barrios) ・"Arabic Capriccio" (F. Tarrega) ・"Spanish Dance No. 5" (E. Granados) ・"Boulet-Lute Suite No. 1 (BWV.996)" (JS Bach) ・"Cavatina" (S. Myers) ・"One Day in November" (L. Brouwer) ・"Moonlight" (F. Sol) ・"Dream in the forest" (A. Barrios) ・"Tango en Sky" (R. Diance) ・"Spanish Serenata" (J. Maratz) ・"Shoros Bell Sound" (J. Pernambuco) (February 2018 release) ・"Saigo no Tremolo" (A. Barrios) (Released in March 2018) ・"Prelude_Cello Suite No. 1" (JS Bach) (released in April 2018) ・"Waltz No. 3" (A. Barrios) (Released in May 2018) ・"Prelude No. 1" (Villa Lobos) (released in July 2018) ・"Prelude No. 3" (Villa Lobos) (released in August 2018) ・"Sevilla" (I. Albeniz) (released in September 2018) ・"Mazurka Shoro" (Villa Lobos) (October 2018) ・"Gavotte Choro" (Villa Lobos) (November 2018) ・"Marietta" (F. Tarega) (December 2018) ・"Maria" (F. Tarega) (December 2018) ・"Small Romance" (L. Walker) (January 2019) ・"Venezuela Waltz No. 2" (February 2019) ・"Venezuela-style Waltz No. 3 Waltz Criollo" (March 2019) ・`` Furia Florida '' (April 2019) ・"Endecha y Oremus" (May 2019) ・"Show Loss No. 1" (September 2019) ・"Cello Suite No. 3 - Prelude" (November 2019) ・"Maria Luisa" (December 2019) ・“Lariane Festival” (December 2019) ・"Prelude BWV998" (December 2019) ・"Armando ~ Suite in A Minor" (January 2020) ・"Rondo Gavotte" (February 2020) ・"Variations on the Theme of the Magic Flute (New)" (February 2020) ・"Prelude-Suite in A Minor" (March 2020) ・``Well-Tempered Clavier No. 1_Prelude'' (April 2020) ・“Asturias (new)” (May 2020) ・"The Son of Our Lady (New)" (May 2020) ・“Passionate Mazurka” (June 2020) ・"Cordoba" (August 2020) ・"Gavotte ~ Suite in A Minor" (October 2020) ・"Granada" (January 2021) ・“Vermilion Tower” (February 2021) ・"Mazurka in G major" (June 2021) ・“Memories of the Alhambra (re)” (September 2021) ・"Tears" (again) (September 2021) ・“Adelita” (re) (September 2021) ・“Forbidden Play (Re)” (released in April 2022) ・"Prelude BWV1006" (released in June 2022) ・FUGA BWV1000 (Bach) ・Prelude BWV999 (Bach) ・Scottish Choro (Villa-Lobos)

B. List of Enjoy Solo Guitar Masterpieces Solo Guitar

・(No.1) "White Christmas" Step-1 (Jazz Ballad) (Intermediate) ・(No.2) "White Christmas" Step-2 (Swing) (Advanced) ・(No.3) “Hoshi ni Negai wo” (Jazz Ballad) (Intermediate) English: WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR - Pinocchio Movie ・(No.4) "Acoustic Blues" (Beginner/Intermediate Level) (Released in December 2017) ・(No.5) "Amazing Grace" (Intermediate/advanced) (Released in January 2018) ・(No.6) “Shiroi Koibitotachi” (beginner/intermediate) (Released in March 2018) ・(No.7) “Himawari” (Intermediate/Advanced level) (Released in June 2018) ENGLISH: FROM THE MOVIE "SUNFLOWER" ・(No.8) "The Umbrella of Cherbourg" (tremolo practice) (Released in June 2018) ・(No.9) “In My Life” (released in August 2018) ・(No.10) "The Long and winding road" (October 2018) ・(No.11) “I want to go back to that day” (released in August 2019) ・(No.12) "Umi no Mieru Machi" Complete Version (September 2019) ・(No.12A) "Umi no Mieru Machi" Advanced Edition (September 2019) ・(No.12B) Intermediate Edition (September 2019) ・(No.13) “Treasure of Fire” (October 2019) ・(No.14) "Always and many times" (November 2019) ・(No.15) "Love is in glitter" (July 2020) ・(No.16) "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" by QUEEN (September 2020) ・(No.17) “Less than Happiness” (December 2020) Shiawasemaii ・(No.18) “Silent Night” (December 2021) ・(No.19) “(Ave Maria Schubert)” (September 2022)

C. Music Theory (Complete Series) Knowledge

・(Step-1) Basic > Elementary-1 ・(Step-2) Basic > Elementary-2 ・(Step-1&2 set) Basic > Elementary 2 volume set ・(Step-3) Basic > Intermediate-1 ・(Step-4) Basic > Intermediate-2 ・(Step-3&4 set) Basic > Intermediate 2 volume set ・(Step-5) Basic > Advanced-1 ・(Step-6) Basic > Advanced-2 ・(Step-5&6 set) Basic > Advanced 2 volume set ・(Step-1 to 6 set) Basic > All 6 volume set ・(Step-7) Practice > Ad-lib learning-1 ・(Step-8) Practice > Ad-lib learning-2 ・(Step-7&8 set) Practice > 2 volume set ・(Step-9) Development > Color sense of secondary dominant ・(Step-1 to 9 set) All 9 volumes set

D. The Tension Code Knowledge

・(Step-1) Theory ・(Step-2) Practice-1_Introduction to bossa nova ・(Step-1&2 set) tension cord > 2 roll set

E. Composition Course Knowledge

・(Step-1) Elementary-1 ・(Step-2) Elementary-2 ・(Step-3) Elementary-3 ・(Step-4) Elementary-4 ・(Step-5) Elementary-5 ・(Step-1 to 5 sets) Elementary > All 5 volumes set

F. Science of Guitar Fingering Knowledge

・STEP-1_form and action (released in December 2017) ・STEP-2_ Hammering & Pulling ・Reinforcement and Separation (Released in January 2018) ・STEP-3_Advancement Techniques & Support for Code Shapes (Released in March 2018) ・Daily Fingering Training

G. Science of Fingerpicking Knowledge

・(Step-7) Rasgard thorough capture (February 2018 release) ・(Step-1) (New) Picking form and operation (June 2019) ・(Step-2) (New) Arpeggio thorough capture (July 2019) ・(Step-3) (New) Thorough tremolo capture (August 2019) ・(Step-4) Carcassi Practical Practice-1 (August 2019) ・(Step-5) Carcassi Practical Practice-2 (August 2019) ・Carcassi Set (August 2019)

H. Rhythm Knowledge

・Basic Rhythm Training (released in April 2018)

I. The Mechanism of Solo Guitar Knowledge

・(No.1) “Fly me to the moon” (Beginner) ・(No.2) “Over The rainbow” (advanced) ・(No.3) “Moon River” (Intermediate) ・(No.4) “Departure on a Good Day” (Beginner to Intermediate) ・(No.5) “Farewell at 22” (Intermediate) ・(No.6) "Misty (1)" (Beginner & Intermediate) ・(No.7) “Misty (2)” (Intermediate/Advanced) ・(No.8) "Let it be" (intermediate/advanced) (Released in December 2017) ・(No.9) "Mechanism of Solo Guitar_Kandagawa" (Intermediate/Advanced) (Released in July 2019)

J. High-Tech Vocal Accompaniment Knowledge

・(No.1) ``High Tech Utahan_Kandagawa'' (Released in July 2019) ・Kandagawa set (July 2019)

K. Thorough Mastering the Gulloping Guitar Solo Guitar

・(Step-1) "Windy and warm" (beginner) ・(Step-2) "As Time Goes By" (Beginner) ・(Step-3) "All Of Me" (Intermediate) ・(Step-4) "Country Road" (intermediate to advanced) ・(Step-5) "Diamond" (intermediate to advanced) ・(No.6) "Freight Train" (Beginner) ・(No.7) “On the Sunny Side of the Street” (released in August 2022)

L. Hot Guitar Lessons Electric Guitar

・(No.1) Phrasing in Altered Scale-ⅡⅤⅠ <JAZZ>Beginner to Intermediate ・(No.2) Altered Scale ~ Altered Pentatonic Beginner ~ Intermediate ・(No.3) Walking bass solo guitar (1) Autumn leaves Beginner to Intermediate ・(No.4) Jazz Blues ~ Chord Theory-1 Beginner ~ Intermediate ・(No.5) Jazz Blues ~ Chord Theory-2 Beginner ~ Intermediate ・(No.6) Tension chords learned in jazz blues beginner to intermediate ・(No.7) Obbligato-like cutting Beginner to Intermediate ・(No.8) Examples of phrases in chord progressions with II V concatenated Pre-intermediate level (Released in December 2017) ・(No.9) Country Guitar ~ Jambalaya (released in June 2019)

M. Blues Guitar Course Electric Guitar

・(Step-1) Basic rules, scales, intervals, and A form ・(Step-2) Each form of C, E, G and form movement ・(Step-3) Chord work, 4th chord modulation & turnaround ・(Step-1~3) 3 rolls set

N. Mastering Jazz Improvisation Jazz

・(Step-1) Jazz ad-libs learned at "All of Me" (Part 1) ・(Step-2) Jazz ad-libs learned at “All of Me” (Part 2) ・(Step-1&2) “All of Me” (2 volume set)

O. Thoroughly Mastering the Dominant Scale Jazz

・(Step-1) Master the system with Mixolydia ・(Step-2) Lydia 7th and whole tone scale ・(Step-3) Combination Diminished and Altered Scale ・(Step-4) Resolve and Examples - Conversion of form ・(Step-1~4) 4 rolls set

P. Intensive Lecture Series [Satin doll of Joe Pass] Jazz

・(Step-1) Thorough clarification of intro ~ theme ~ code work ・(Step-2) Ad-lib first chorus ・(Step-3) Ad-lib second chorus ・(Step-4) Ad-lib third chorus ・(Step-1~4) 4 rolls set

Q. Senior Beginner Course Beginner

・(Step-1) Full of sun ・(Step-2) Godfather love theme ・(Step-3) Umbrella of Cherbourg ・(Step-4) Love is blue ・(Step-5) Shiroi Koibito ・(Step-6) Remembrance of Yogiri ・(Step-1~6) 6 rolls set

(*) Last update date: February 3, 2023

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