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Welcome to Pepetas Classical Guitar Lesson

We work with Pepe Tashiro who has recorded and released a large lineup of amazingly popular guitar lesson videos in Japan.

In this site, you can view the samples and purchase a lineup of the "Classical Guitar Popular Masterpieces Lesson Video with Thorough Strategy" series which are originally recorded in Japanese, but now dubbed into English by our team.  

The biggest feature of Pepetas lessons is that they convey

"HOW" rather than "WHAT". There are many reasons for the difference between who can play and who cannot. But one of the fundamental differences is the "feeling of the difficulty". Those who can play feel "easy" and those who cannot play feel "difficult".  Before you start practicing, you would think, "Isn't it possible to reduce the difficulty level I feel by simplifying the information?"

The Pepetas Guitar Lesson Video focus on "simplifying" thoroughly. For example the lesson focus on "how can it be achieved with low difficulty in the music flow" rather than "When to hold what?" PEPETAS never say, "Practice harder! Because this part is hard for your finger to reach the right position." 

Instead PEPETAS breaks it down and explains like "Think about forms and movements like this.  And use your body, arms, and fingers as I show you.  This will reduces the difficulty which your brain and body feel." 

So it not only explains about "fingering" but explains the state of "upper body, shoulders, elbows, wrists, thumbs" by using the video view from left rear.  Pepetas Guitar Lesson Video thoroughly explains one song from all directions. "Fingering explanation" and "Upper body / shoulders / elbows / wrists / thumbs", fingering-pressing strings.

In "Picking commentary", not only the selection of the finger to be used, but also "Why is that so?" Is clearly explained as a system.

Also, "music commentary" and "chord commentary" for interpreting songs. It also includes commentary to know the background of the song and composer and make it useful for musical expression.  In this way, the recording time is long because the explanation is multifaceted and thorough. However, you can understand that this length is the proof of a thorough explanation.

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