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Please note: By clicking the purchase button, you agree to all terms and conditions below.

Special Elements of the Agreement


・In order to achieve results, it is essential to understand and work correctly.


・Movements and training that involve stretching, strengthening, and isolation may cause mild pain. In that case, please do not force yourself to continue and consult a trusted specialist.


・Since the burden on the body due to practice and training depends on individual differences, please do it while observing the situation.


・Even if you understand Pepetas' teaching materials correctly and work on them correctly, there is a slight possibility that you may experience physical discomfort due to individual differences.


We are not responsible for any physical trouble or damage caused by Pepetas' educational materials.

We do not accept any questions about the content of the lesson.

・If Pepetas ends its service, purchased works will be available for download, so please download them individually. The download period will be 4 weeks from the start of the announcement, and if the service is terminated without being downloaded within this period, our company will not be held responsible.

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