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About Multi Angle View (MAV)

Pepetas was the first to develop and release video guitar lessons using Multi-Angle Vision (MAV).

It seems that many other companies are illegally copying our product, but MAV is an effective tool to assist teachers in verbalizing their skills.


In an actual lesson, it is possible to directly touch the body, view from various angles, and repeat trial and check. However, in correspondence courses, the difficulty was how to convey the "form of three-dimensional information". In order to resolve this issue, Pepetas developed its own "Multi-Angle Vision (MAV)" system. This is something that looks at the action & form from a multi-angled perspective, but its concept originated from Pepetas' excellent "linguisticization of performance action".

It is something that replaces the "3D information" of the action with "multiple 2D information".

Generally, information that was conveyed vaguely such as "in this way" and "in this style" was replaced.

  • In the horizontal direction, the elbow should be facing the body side, about (advised size) cm.

  • In the vertical direction, lower the shoulder about (advised size) cm while raising the position of the little finger about (advised size) cm.

  • In the depth direction, the position of the elbow should be (advised size) cm forward and (advised size) cm horizontally.

Like this, it is replaced with multiple two-dimensional information. In order to make this into a video, it is necessary to view it from multiple angles, and the way to achieve this is called "Multi-Angle Vision (MAV)".

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