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What our students say

● I have all the DVDs! As I always think, I wonder why one person knows so much in such a wide range. It's fun to leave it on with BGV instead of BGM,


● I'm a deep fan. I have all the Pepetas DVDs! With such a wide range of lessons, all through the essence. When I first saw it, I got goose bumps. Since then I have been in love with it deeply. I will continue to buy it!

● I think that the classic guitar masterpiece thoroughly captures the series. It is the ultimate teaching that is unparalleled in the world. I wondered about the lessons I had been taking so far, so I quit the classroom I was attending. I will buy the whole series!

● We worked on multiple series that thoroughly captured classical guitar masterpieces. I couldn't help wondering how I was musically ignorant and playing the guitar without knowing anything. I will work on all the other titles.

● Buy all the classic guitar masterpieces thorough capture series! I've already done most of it, but I regret how blindly I believed in the tone that is said mainly in magazines in Japan. I'll do my best with the upcoming Pepetas video!

● I got to know Mr. Pepe Tashiro in "Thorough capture of classical guitar masterpieces" and studied only on DVD for about two years, but he entered the Takadanobaba classroom. At the time of the video, I was impressed that he was a great teacher, so I quit the classroom I was attending at that time, but I started taking lessons directly from Professor Pepe Tashiro, and I was surprised at the difference in the depth of the content from the video. However, I regret that I should have enrolled earlier. Now, I am working on the video as a supplementary material, and I have thoroughly polished it in the actual lesson. I have improved so strongly that I can't believe it.

● I watched a video on YOUTUBE and bought a thorough strategy for "memories of Alhambra". In a day, I was able to create a place that hadn't been held down for many years, and I cried. I thought it was a really great teaching material. I will work hard to improve tremolo from now on

● I don't think there is any music theory teaching material that is so easy to understand. I completely understood it myself. Even though it's been 30 years. I want to go back 30 years!


● I have never seen any teaching material that handle forms so carefully. I think that all the techniques are based on the correct form, so I can understand and adopt Pepetas's way of thinking and goals.


● Each course is specialized and detailed, and each explanation is polite and easy to understand.


● Commercial products have vague explanations, and I feel that there is a lot of training that puts an extreme load on the fingers. I've bought a lot of textbooks so far, but nothing beats Pepetas' teaching materials. It's such a great teaching material that my life might have changed if I met earlier.

● Regarding music theory, when I saw a book on the market, I thought it was impossible for me, so I'm very happy to understand this. From now on, I will only use Pepetas teaching materials.


● I was convinced that this was a great teaching material, so I bought it in bulk. I think Mr. Pepe Tashiro is the ideal shape to aim for in all aspects of sound, form, arrangement, and technology.


● The explanation is very easy to understand, and you will be motivated to practice the guitar.


● The music theory DVD is great, and I've solved what I've been wondering for years. You can now play chords without looking at the codebook.


● Great video. It's a scale for my eyes because it doesn't teach me that in the guitar class.


● I've bought a lot of textbooks so far, but what were they all about? There were a lot of bad textbooks that were a lot of waste, confusing, and hurt my fingers and wrists. I wanted to meet the teacher's textbook sooner.

● After all, Pepetas's music theory is the easiest to understand. The explanation is far better than the music theory on the internet.


● I was able to understand the depth of the guitar and what I had never understood before from various angles, and with the accurate advice of Professor Pepe Tashiro, I was motivated to play the guitar, and I was able to purchase various DVD lessons. I'm looking forward to the new work.

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