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What makes PEPETAS Guitar lesson so unique and powerful?

So why "Pepe Tashiro's lesson" works?

The reason PEPETAS is chosen by so many people is that many guitar learners experienced their long term frustrations they had were magically resolved.

Everything is clearly theorized in PEPETAS lesson. Forms and movements systematized as ergonomics and sports physiology.

It also focus on how to use the brain during the performance, and it helps developing practical music theory.

And it is all about "being clearly explained in words everyone can understand.”

"PEPETAS Guitar Lesson" is made for guitar fans who are trying hard but struggling to master the guitar by themselves.

The Amazing re-purchase rate in Japan shows PEPETAS's highest lesson method quality! 

More than 75% of the first time purchaser came back and purchased more lesson videos.  This rate has continued for the last 8 consecutive years! 

As a guitar lesson material, this rate is extremely high (or rather impossible). Although we have not advertised at all, sales have increased by 20% per year for the 8th consecutive year.

Due to this result, we can see how PEPETAS has been highly evaluated by guitar fans.

It is evaluated as "a unique guitar lesson material that has a different dimension compared to other materials", and this re-purchase rate proves true high quality.

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