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 Guitar Lesson Video 


YouTube free guitar lesson doesn't work for most of people, because many posted videos are unorganized, confusing and teaches bad play habits. They don't show what you really need to know and practice.

Whether it’s working on an existing skill or trying out something completely different, browse our music list to find the music sheet you’re looking for. Our course selection is varied and we cater to multiple levels. Explore the site to learn more, and get in touch with any questions.

Our goal is to make it simple and convenient for users to acquire new skills, wherever they are. In a fast-paced world that’s constantly changing, it’s time for you to take learning into your own hands.

"Pepetas Guitar Lesson video in English" is great guitar lesson item that thoroughly teaches all aspects.
Fingering, Picking, How to use arms and body, with explanation of ergonomically scrutinized know-how.
And more, Chord and music theory,compositional features,etc.
The titles are all important and famous repertoire of classical guitar,and the title is consisted from many videos(2-9 hours) and few pdf files.
"PEPETAS Guitar Lesson Video" is boasting a high repeat rate as opver 75% from users in Japan for long years.
The service has finally started in English. It is a service that you can learn conveniently by streaming.



Pepe Tashiro
Classical Guitar Instructor 


Pepetas Guitar School

Pepe Tashiro founded the Pepetas Classical Guitar School in 1995. The lesson videos sold in Japan has over 150 series of popular guitar music pieces and are now available in English.

Pepe is considered one of the gems in Japan in the world of Classical Guitar.
The re-purchase rate exceeded 75% for the 8th consecutive years, and 30% of customers purchased all 150 plus series. 

This is the best guitar lesson material you as an intermediate and advanced player will ever find.

Maestro Pepe Romero's recommendation

How does Pepetas' lesson differ from other Classical Guitar Lessons?

Pepe's Lesson is Uniquely Designed

You learn to play entire music section by section, and bar by bar. Pepe takes time to explain on the section which everyone tends to have problems.  He shows you the way to play more easily without much struggles. Pepe gives different play options, so you can try and choose the one works for you. 


Pepe shows video from different view angles, so you can have a closer and better look at playing technique and method.

Pepetas empower you to learn at your own pace whenever it’s convenient, and from the comfort of wherever you are in the world. Broaden your horizon and explore the video library below.

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